CSI Semiconductor Solutions Ltd is a global provider of Used & Refurbished Equipment to the Semiconductor Industry, Silicon Wafer Manufacturing, Assembly, Test, and the Solar and Flat Panel Industries.

CSI Semi deal with Wafer Processing, Assembly & Packaging, SMT, Test, Solar, Scientific capital equipment and tested parts. We sell up to 70% percent less than the cost of a new tool and we can deliver turnkey projects.

CSI Semi offer a marketplace for customers to Buy and Sell Equipment while providing Technical advise with Engineering including deinstallation & turnkey services.

With 200 mm and 300mm fab capacity on the increase, led by foundry companies CSI Semi are positioned well to supply used and refurbished equipment to meet this demand.

If you want to buy or sell used semiconductor equipment, refurbish semiconductor equipment, please Instant Message Us for a fast response.

We are committed to making your equipment experience a safe and rewarding one.

Owner: Mr Paul Cahill paul@csisemi.com

Used Semiconductor Equipment